HeroesNews with Jules Scott

Episode 7

Episode Summary

In this episode, a mega truckload of game news including Brightwing and Kerrigan reworks, a Garden of Terror battleground overhaul, solo queue is coming to Team League, and a big ol' balance patch, plus Week 9 HGC results, who's made it to BlizzCon so far, and a preview of the final week of HGC and what's at stake!

Episode Notes

In this episode:

-Garden of Terror's new look
-Brightwing and Kerrigan have big changes on the PTR
-Fall of King's Crest event
-Solo players can now play Team League in the next patch
-The Sept 19th balance patch details
-HGC Week 9 results
-Who's made it to BlizzCon and Crucible predictions

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