HeroesNews with Jules Scott

Episode 3: Nolan T. Jones, Owner of Roll20 Esports

Episode Summary

Eastern Clash results, Mephisto enters the Nexus, Hanamura Temple is back, and an interview with Nolan T. Jones from Roll20 Esports, talking about their new roster announcement!

Episode Notes

In this episode:

-New hero Mephisto
-Hanamura Temple gets its rework
-Tyrande's rework is previewed at Gamescom
-August 22 balance patch quick summary
-Eastern Clash results
-LFM announces their new support player
-Roll20 Esports is back with a new roster!
-Open Division update for EU and NA
-An interview with Roll20 Esports owner Nolan T. Jones about picking up the Zealots roster, and what it takes to be a team owner

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