HeroesNews with Jules Scott

Episode 5: Darth Coffee, Twitch Content Creator

Episode Summary

In this episode, Week 7 HGC results and a surprise roster announcement, who's made it through the Open Division playoffs, and an interview to get to know Twitch streamer Darth Coffee, who's making a name for himself by doing things a little differently than your normal gameplay stream

Episode Notes

In this episode:

-Mephisto, Hanamura Temple and reworked Tyrande are live
-Week 7 HGC results in EU and NA
-Arthelon from HeroesHearth Esports announces his retirement from HGC and professional HotS
-Open Division playoff results through Wednesday, and who's qualified for the Crucible so far
-An interview with Twitch content creator Darth Coffee about his journey to streaming that just started in February, where the inspiration for his crazy scenes and transitions comes from, and creating unique content when it feels like all the ideas have been done before.

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