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Episode 11: Trisklyr, EU HGC Caster & Twitch Content Creator

Episode Summary

In this episode, we're getting a new hero release before BlizzCon, all the hype and match results from the Crucible matches last weekend, and an interview EU HGC caster and Twitch content creator, Trikslyr!

Episode Notes

In this episode:

-Mal'Ganis is our newest hero on the PTR for testing
-A new balance patch is out
-Crucible results - who's in and who's out?
-The group stage schedule for the HGC Finals is out

This week's interview is with Trikslyr, talking about how he got started in casting all the way from Starcraft II, what's actually inside his HGC notebook, what his relationship with Khaldor is really like, why his stream used to be PG-13, and why streaming gives him life.

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