HeroesNews with Jules Scott

Episode 16: Jon Jagger, CORE Podcast Co-Host

Episode Summary

In this episode, Orphea is released to the live servers, Twitch drops are back, Rosterpocolypse has begun, and an interview with the funniest curmudgeon in Heroes podcasting - Jon Jagger from the CORE podcast!

Episode Notes

In this episode:

-Orphea is on the live servers
-Twitch drops have returned with Orphea-themed rewards
-Boosts are live with a sale for the 360 Day Boost
-Rosterpocolypse - the roster release window is open!

This week, Jules sits down with Jon Jaggerfrom the CORE podcast, Azeroth Roundtable, and There Will Be Dungeons. In this hilarious and inspiring chat, Jon talks about when he got started in podcasting, how he's now creating the most fun content ever with people who started as his heroes, and why he secretly loves all the cat pictures you send him.

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