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Episode 12: Khaldor, EU HGC Caster & Content Creator

Episode Summary

In this episode, the details of the patch notes, including Mal'Ganis, Alan Dabiri moves on from HotS, and... whether you love him or hate him, you're going to learn things you didn't know about him that'll open your eyes in a big way. This week's interview is Khaldor!

Episode Notes

In this episode:

-Mal'Ganis is live
-Some changes to support abilities
-Ana and Kharazim get some welcome changes
-Alan Dabiri has stepped away from HotS
-Ranked Win is now part of HeroesHearth
-HGC roster announcement

This week's interview is with Khaldor! It's a long one - the longest interview done so far! These two get real about how his opinions have gotten him in trouble in the past, why he wasn't invited to cast BlizzCon in 2015, and what he's learned since then.

You'll find out what he said on a live HGC broadcast that got him in trouble, what made Jules call him a liar, how he accidentally terrified Trikslyr when they first met, and the little-known techniques they use to create those hype cast moments together.

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